A Weekend in Tel Aviv


Israel’s Tel Aviv is quickly becoming a top weekend destination for people from all over Europe. It is also a hit with those travelling around the ancient and cultural parts of the country. Modern Tel Aviv is a lively city, with much to offer. Here are some questions answered to help you make the most of a weekend in Tel Aviv:

Why Should I go to Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv combines a thriving cosmopolitan city, cultural charms, exciting adventures, and a stunning beach. Add to those points delicious local dishes, affordable prices, cheap flights, year round pleasant weather, and a hip and trendy night scene, and you really can’t go wrong!

How Can I get to Tel Aviv?

The uniquely designed Ben Gurion Airport is the main gateway into Tel Aviv. It is situated around half an hour from the city centre. There is also a train station in the city, linking Tel Aviv to other parts of Israel.

What Historical Sites Can I See in Tel Aviv?

The interesting and charming old port of Jaffa shows visitors a glimpse into Tel Aviv’s biblical heritage. Watch the small boats bobbing in the waters, with a backdrop of ancient stone buildings and arched street that house some delightful small shops and restaurants. You can wander on the cobblestone paths past ancient catacombs, the pretty church, and artists’ workshops. Seeing the modern buildings further along the shoreline is a striking visual juxtaposition that pretty much sums up exciting Tel Aviv.

What is the Food Like in Tel Aviv?

In a word, delicious! Traditional Israeli food aplenty can be enjoyed. Dishes include gorgeous fresh salads, tasty falafel, hummus, freshly caught seafood, schnitzels, roasted chicken, and more. And, being and international city, you can still find all your home favourites on menus around the city. From tapas to pasta, pizza to pub grub, all tastes are catered for in Tel Aviv.

What Are the Beaches Like in Tel Aviv?

There are no less than thirteen fabulous beaches sprinkled around the city. The white sandy beaches are ideal for relaxing in the sun. With very few waves, the lure of the clear Mediterranean waters can be difficult to ignore. You can rent parasols and sun loungers on the beaches for a small fee.

What is the Night Life Like?

Tel Aviv has a great night life, with something to suit all tastes. It does not really get going though until later on, so make the most of your weekend in Tel Aviv and spend your days sightseeing or on the beach until it goes dark. Enjoy a late dinner, and come 11pm things will be starting to liven up.

How Much Will a Weekend in Tel Aviv Cost?

Tel Aviv enjoys relatively low prices. There are also many free attractions to help your budget go further. Some of the best are:

– Hayarkon Park
A welcome breath of fresh air in the heart of the city, there are lakes, walking paths and cycling trails, miniature zoos, play areas, and sports areas, as well as attractions that attract a surcharge.
– Carmel Market
Experience the hustle and bustle in this lively market. See vendors trying to get the best prices for their wares, and be amazed by the vast variety of things on sale.
– Admiring the Street Art and Graffiti
There are various walls covered with graffiti, which add a really colourful side to the city.
– The Neve Tzedek District
A pretty neighbourhood, it is a lovely place to take a stroll and simply see the sights unfold before your eyes. The narrow streets and beautiful buildings lend a certain charm to this area.
– Ben Gurion House
This small museum was a residence of Israel’s first ever prime minister. Free tours of the house are offered.

Anything Else I Should Know?!

The Israeli weekend is Friday and Saturday. The holy time of the week lasts from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday. During this period, known as Shabbat, all shops are closed. Also, public transport does not operate. You can still visit the numerous museums, and places to eat and drink are open.

A weekend in Tel Aviv is a great break for all, whether travelling solo, looking for a romantic break, taking the family away, or planning an exciting few days with friends.

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