A Weekend in Barcelona

The vibrant Spanish city of Barcelona has a plethora of attractions, as well as close proximity to beautiful beaches, so it is very easy to pass a full weekend in Barcelona with ease. In fact, one might find themselves rushing to cram everything in!

There are a few top tips for exploring the best of the city, making sure that none of the highlights a missed whilst enjoying a fun filled and action packed weekend in Barcelona.

Take a Bus Tour of Barcelona

Open top bus tours are an increasingly popular way of quickly moving around the major sights of any main city. Not only do you get to see everything, but you can also hop on and off when something catches your eye and you want to explore further. An open top bus tour is also a perfect way to get your bearings. A top tip is to catch the first bus, do a full circuit to take in the hotspots, and then use the hop on and hop off facility for those attractions furthest away from your accommodation; you can then easily walk to the nearer places of interest on your second day.

Take a Walking Tour When on a Weekend in Barcelona

Although you won’t get around the sights as quickly by foot, a walking tour is a great way to make sure that you don’t miss anything in the immediate vicinity. Walking also allows you to see things that you may otherwise miss. You can poke around in small alleys and side streets, and venture into different buildings that catch your attention. To maximize your time, a guided tour is great, although you will have more freedom if you do it by yourself. You can find suggested routes with maps to avoid wandering aimlessly.

Book Your Accommodation in Barcelona in Advance

By booking a place to stay before you arrive, you will not only save valuable time trying to find somewhere, but you will also be sure that you have somewhere to stay. Weekends can be very busy, and accommodation on the spot can be hard to come by.

Experience Barcelona’s Night Life Later into the Evening

Barcelona’s night life gets going fairly late, so rather than heading out early, use your time to sight see. Perhaps you could take a stroll along the beach. Eat dinner in a traditional tapas bar, after all, no visit to Spain is complete without this, and then hit the clubs later on. If you have spent most of your first day ticking off the major sights, you can afford a small lie in on day two after partying hard throughout the night! The Gothic Quarter contains many great smaller bars, perfect for hopping between several places and soaking up the Spanish atmosphere in the maze-like streets.

Don’t Miss the Main Spots in Barcelona

As mentioned, the main sights can, with some careful planning, be seen in a weekend. So where are they? Famous for Gaudi’s wonderful architecture, you should make sure that you see at least a few of his marvels. Despite being unfinished, La Sagrada Familia is the most well known. Others include the wonderfully colourful Park Guell, the romantic Casa Batllo, the Arab-esque Casa Vicens, the medieval castle-like Bellesguard, the simple Colegio Teresiano, and the fantastical Finca Guell. The Ramblas is Barcelona’s main street, and is a real hive of activity.

Pick up a few souvenirs here from your weekend in Barcelona. One of Barcelona’s most historic squares is the Place de Saint Felip Neri. Have a peek at the old Gothic church and the other impressive buildings. Art lovers will enjoy the Picasso Museum, and sports lovers will enjoy a visit to the Olympic Stadium. Climb Montjuic Hill for incredible sweeping sights across the city; here you will also find a lovely park and the Spanish Village. To save energy, there is also a funicular. The lesser visited Cathedral of Santa Eulalia is also worth a quick picture stop.

Wherever you end up, your weekend in Barcelona is sure to be a memorable and fun-filled time.

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