8 Delicious Dishes to Try on Japan’s Island of Shikoku

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Shikoku is the smallest of Japan’s four main islands. A fabulous place for travellers who want to explore somewhere a bit different to the country’s typical tourist hotspots, Shikoku boasts beautiful nature and an interesting culture. But, what should you eat if you are looking to try some local specialities? Fish-lovers will be especially pleased! Here are some top dishes to try when on the Japanese island of Shikoku:


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A speciality from Ehime Prefecture, jakoten is a very more-ish fried snack that has been around for many, many years. Made from minced fish, you’ll find it all over the area. The whole fish is minced to create it, even the bones!

Iya Soba

Found in Tokushima Prefecture, this is one of the area’s most well-known foods. The conditions are ideal for growing buckwheat, which is then used to make the thicker-than-normal soba noodles. The noodles are normally eaten with a salty anchovy soup.

Kaki Yaki

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Kaki yaki comes from Tokushima Prefecture. It is grilled oysters. You need to make sure though that you time your visit for the oyster season to get the freshest and most delicious goodies. The best time to enjoy kaki yaki is between autumn and spring. Sadly, it’s not a summertime treat.

Shoyu Mame

A filling meal made from broad beans, you can enjoy shoyu mame in Kagawa Prefecture. Combined with soy sauce, sugar, and paprika, as is common with many Japanese dishes, you can enjoy a delicate balance of different flavours that are simultaneously in perfect harmony and in total contrast.


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Satsuma is a speciality of Ehime Prefecture. It is made from grilled sea bream and a barley-based miso soup. A popular dish in the summer, it is generally enjoyed with a serving of steamed white rice.


From Kochi Prefecture, the refreshing shuto is a fresh yet salty salad. It has a very distinctive taste, made from tuna that has been left to mature for a year. For a more filling meal, some people pair the salad with a bowl of white rice.

Sanuki Udon

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Another popular noodle dish from the island, sanuki udon hails from Kagawa Prefecture. The noodles are made from a type of flour that is only grown in the local area, and the thick noodles are floated in a bowl of flavourful anchovy broth with liberal amounts of soy sauce. It certainly has plenty of zing!


From Kochi Prefecture, bonito is a type of fish. Although found in various parts of the country, the fish caught in Kochi are known for being of an exceptionally high quality. It is often used to make sashimi, as well as the area’s local dish of sawachi. It might also be roasted and eaten with ginger, leeks, and garlic, along with an orange sauce.

Other great things to try around Shikoku include sawachi ryori, the citrus fruit of yuzu, iriko meshi, fukumen, Tokushima ramen, and shoyu mochi.

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