7 Great Things to Do in Agadir

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Morocco’s premier beach resort, Agadir is located along the Atlantic Coast towards the south of the country. Attracting visitors from oversees and within the country itself all throughout the year, here are some of the best things to enjoy in Agadir:


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The long stretches of sandy beaches and warm sea waters are the main reason that many people choose to pay a visit to Agadir. Long and wide, it’s often filled with people soaking up the sun. If you prefer quieter spots to bathe, drive for a few minutes along the coast and pick a different spot! There are many restaurants, cafes, and bars within easy reach of the sands, so you never need to feel hungry or thirsty. Look towards the hillside that overlooks the beach and you’ll see Arabic writing – the three words stand for God, Country, and King, three of the most important values to Moroccans.


Catering to large numbers of foreign travellers, Agadir is one of the best places in all of Morocco to enjoy a lively nightlife. There are many bars and clubs to choose between, and you’ll find pumping clubs that stay open all night long. There really is no need for the party to end until you’re ready to sleep!


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Agadir’s marina is an energetic spot, filled with small boats bobbing on the waters. You’ll see small fishing vessels alongside boats that are waiting to take tourists out onto the waves for the day. Head down in the afternoon and you can watch as fishermen offload the catch of the day.


Although the city of Agadir is relatively new, with most of the old city having been completely destroyed by an earthquake in the 1960s, it’s still a pleasant place to take a stroll. Although the cultural aspects aren’t anywhere near as strong as in other parts of the country, you can still get a feeling of local life. The modern medina is home to market stalls selling a colourful array of products. The city is particularly well known for argan oil and almonds. You’ll also find clothing, souvenirs, spices, cooking equipment, and more.

Amazigh Heritage Museum

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A terrific place to learn more about the Berber culture, the Amazigh Heritage Museum is home to a large collection that allows you to see how the Berber people have lived and worked over the years. There are old documents, jewels, clothing, tools, pottery, cooking equipment, rugs, and more.


A popular tourist attraction, Crocoparc is the first crocodile park in Morocco. Home to around 300 scaly beasts, it is also filled with lush plants and colourful flowers. The large grounds are pleasant for walking around. It’s around a ten-minute drive outside of Agadir. It’s sure to entertain kids, but is also great for groups of adult friends, couples, and solo travellers.


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Sitting up on a hilltop, the Kasbah is all that remains of the old part of Agadir. Although small, this historic area lets you take a peek into the past as you walk around the walls of the defensive structure. The main reason to visit here, however, is to enjoy the sweeping views of Agadir city and the beach.

Vallee des Oiseaux houses many colourful birds and a few other small animals, such as goats and rabbits. It is also to take day trips to nearby places like Paradise Valley, Tiznit, and Tagazout.

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