7 Cool Cat Cafes in Tokyo

If you’re an avid cat-lover or just fancy a bit of stress-free company whilst on your solo travels around Japan, don’t miss stopping by one of Tokyo’s cat cafes. A great respite from the hustle and bustle of the city outside, you can refuel and recharge with a drink in the company of cute and friendly kitties. Who knows, you might never want to leave!

The coolest thing about these cat cafes though isn’t just that you get to hang out with lovely animals, but that the cats were rescued off the streets and given a nice home to enjoy. Your visit helps to ensure that the cats continue to have a home and can leave their stray days far behind.

Here are some of best cat cafes in Tokyo:

Cat Cafe Kyariko / Calico

Located in Shinjuku-ku, this is a top spot for really keen cat-lovers. Home to around 50 cats, you certainly won’t be short on furry company and cuddles! Spread over two floors, it’s the biggest cat café in the city. The cats’ names range from traditional Japanese names to being named after foods and other known items. Some of the most quirky names include Spring Roll, Lamb, Here, Red Beans, Nuts, and Autumn Leaves. Order a cup of coffee and be in cat heaven!

Keko JaLaLa

Situated in Akiharabara, a cat café definitely isn’t out of place in the eclectic streets. A large cat picture hanging on the door marks the spot, and inside you’ll be greeted by exotic breeds of cats, like Persians and Abyssinians. A wide choice of drinks is available, although making a reservation beforehand is advised.

Calaugh Café

If you’re looking for a place where you can get something stronger than a cup of tea, Calaugh Café also sells alcoholic drinks. Have a tipple whilst playing with the resident cats and let the feel-good vibes wash right over you. It’s purr-fect! You’ll find Calaugh Café in Taito-ku.


There are two branches of MoCHA in Tokyo, one in uber stylish Harajuku and another in Shibuya, Said to be one of the most stylish cat café chains around, you can make new friends in an elegant environment. The Harajuku branch is especially upper class. You’re sure to be enchanted!

Cat Cafe Nanny

More of a home for cats rather than a cafe per se, you’ll definitely feel great about helping the felines housed here. It’s located in Akihabara.

Cat Café Cateriam

Located in Shimokitazawa, Cat Café Cateriam has a fairly hipster and funky vibe. You can even keep up the cats long after your café visit has ended as some of the cool kitties have their own Instagram accounts and Twitter feeds, or perhaps you’d like to buy a DVD that is packed with cattitude!

Temari no Ouchi

Located in Musashino-shi, Temari no Ouchi may be home to just a relatively small collection of cats (around 17), but it definitely has plenty of character. The cool cat-themed decor and atmosphere are sure to keep you spellbound! Chill out with a drink and enjoy the ambience.

Other great cat cafes around Tokyo include Asakusa Nekoen, MONTA, Nyafe Melange, Nekozanmai, Hapi Neko, Neko Maru Cat Cafe, and Nekorobi. There are lots of great cat cafes in Tokyo for you to enjoy!

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