6 Great Things to do in Sulawesi

One of Indonesia’s main islands, Sulawesi is also the 11th biggest island in the world. With bags of things to do on Sulawesi, it makes for a perfect introduction to Indonesia.

Home to world-famous dive destinations, such as the Lembeh Strait and Wakatobi, you can have lots of fun and adventures exploring the ocean deep and observing a multitude of colourful fish and other interesting marine life. Makassar is brimming with terrific attractions and is well-known for its vibrant night scene.

It is thought that the island’s name comes from the words of “sula” and “besi”, which, when translated, means the island of iron.

Some top things to do in Sulawesi include:

Bunaken Marine National Park

Close to Manado, the large Bunaken Marine National Park is made up of five beautiful islands: Bunaken, Manado Tua, Siladen, Mantehage and Nain. A fantastic place for diving and snorkeling, this is often the main reason why people choose to visit this area. The crystal clear waters are home to an amazing array of aquatic life and bright corals. The dive quality is great.

Lore Lindu National Park

The UNESCO protected Lore Lindu National Park is amongst the island’s most interesting and beautiful national parks. Wildlife and nature enthusiasts will definitely enjoy exploring this alluring and wonderful park. Home to many creatures, including numerous species of bird, some of the park’s inhabitants can only be found on this island.

Tangkoko National Park

Located at the foot of the soaring Dua Saudara Mountain, the Tangkoko National Park area comprises rolling hills and plunging valleys. A large and picturesque national park, it is home to some rather unusual plant life. Many fascinating creatures also call the park home, including tarsiers, the smallest primate in the world, and the native black crested macaque.

Old Gowa

Visit the remains of the heart of the former kingdom of Gowa and take a step back in time as you stroll through the peaceful cemetery and admire the old wooden palace. It is located just outside the island’s capital of Makassar.

Tana Toraja, Rantepao

The group of people known as the Toraja largely follows Christian beliefs, although their spiritual practices are also interwoven with long-enduring traditional and ancient animist rituals. Some of the most interesting rites are those associated with deaths and burials. The bodies of the deceased are kept for long periods of time, allowing the family to save money for a lavish and respectful funeral. You can see the rare and ancient traditions of the Toraja people, as well as learning more about other practices. The graveyards are particularly interesting and insightful. See something different in the stunning highlands.

Batutumonga to Lokomata Trek

If you are a fan of active adventures in the great outdoors, why not trek from Batutumonga to Lokomata? A scenic and interesting route, you will pass by beautiful lookout points and be able to explore the fascinating cave graves of the area.

Pristine beaches, volcanic landscapes, diverse cultural, ethnic, and linguistic groups, and delicious local food are a few other things you will find on this large island. There really are many great things to do in Sulawesi!

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