6 Cool Things to Do in Budapest

Founded in the year 1873, Budapest is the exciting capital city of Hungary. Nourished by the River Danube, the city is famous for its strong links to Roman history, and, a lot later, its links with communism. Today, Budapest is a lively city and a very popular travel destination in Europe. Cheaper overall than many Western European capitals, such as Paris, London, and Berlin, there are many excellent things to do in Budapest.

The city has something for pretty much everyone, its exquisite architecture adding to its grandeur and atmosphere. Whether you want to spend jam-packed days exploring historical sites, taking lovely boat trips along the river, discovering the cities nightlife, and more, Budapest is sure to provide a memorable time.

Here are some top things to do in Budapest:

Take a Thermal Soak at the Szechenyi Baths

Whilst enjoying a vacation in the city, try and enjoy a soak at the famous Szechenyi Baths. How about at the end of your day sightseeing, before sunset, to allow you to feel completely rested and recharged for your evening? Or perhaps start your day on the right note with a dip. The outdoor pools are very popular with tourists. Fed by thermal springs, the water has curative properties. The high mineral content makes it beneficial for health and general well-being. It is the biggest such bath in all of Europe.

Enjoy a Drink at the Bars of District VII

To witness the true splendour of nightlife of Budapest, you must visit the District VII Ruin Bars. It is the party capital of the city, where you can enjoy a drink or two with locals as well as with other tourists. Often referred to as ruin pubs, each bar has its own distinct vibe. Essentially, the bars are outside derelict and abandoned buildings, or inside with just a few renovations and alterations. Atmospheric, the area was once home to the city’s Jewish population, and later, Roma.

Try Sumptuous Hungarian Cuisine

Hungarian cuisine is popular for its rich and aromatic flavours. Dishes typically use lots of paprika, with meat and cabbage being very common ingredients. Dishes like meat soup, paprika chicken, and hearty pepper and tomato stew, are some popular meals to sample whilst enjoying your stay in Budapest. If you have a sweet tooth, don’t worry! The city also has an abundance of places where you can indulge your sugar cravings and satisfy your appetite for sweet stuff. Some recommended sweets include fluffy pancakes with chocolates and nuts, and delectable chocolate and cream sponge cakes.

Stroll Over the Chain Bridge

Built in the year 1849, the attractive Chain Bridge was the first bridge to span the River Danube to connect the opposite sides of Buda and Pest. An evening stroll here can be quite relaxing, as well as rather romantic in the right company! Offering terrific views down the river and of the two very different parts of the city, it is made even more beautiful in the dark with the twinkling lights shimmering and reflecting off the water’s surface.

Climb Gellert Hill

Gellert Hill is the highest peak of central Budapest. Named after Saint Gerard, the climb will take around an hour. The Liberty Statue stands proudly at the top, and it is well-worth taking the time to explore the interesting hill caves and the historical citadel. You can enjoy stunning vistas of the city and the river from this high vantage point.

Explore the city’s varied museums, take a boat trip along the River Danube or enjoy a stroll alongside the waterfront, visit the interesting Fisherman’s Bastion, see old communist era architecture in some parts of town, and, in general, have a fabulous time discovering the many great things to do in Budapest!

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