5 Places to See in New Zealand!

Going to New Zealand may be considered as the naturist’s ultimate trip, as the country boasts of numerous natural sights that may very well take years to explore in their entirety. The local Kiwi people are surrounded by breath-taking views of mountains, lakes, rivers, and forests that will surely whet your appetite for more of Mother Nature!

Listed below are five of the places you need to include in your itinerary once you come to New Zealand. Some may be unreachable by car, so we recommend you take advantage of car hire in Christchurch where you can easily choose from a wide variety of cars for all budgets. For the meantime, here is a handy guide to help you plan your New Zealand tour!

Paparoa National Park

If you want to scratch off “canoeing down a river sandwiched between limestone cliffs that go through a tropical rainforest” from your bucket list, then check out Paparoa National Park where the lovely Pororari River waits for you.

It is also the home of the Punakaiki, where the famous “Pancake Rocks” could be found. Nature took 30 million years to make these limestone formations that really look like the breakfast treat up close.

Karamea Oparara

If you’re a fan of the exotic wildlife, you can rejoice now. The Karamea Oparara Basin boasts of not only amazing limestone formations, but also of exotic creatures some of which are endemic to that place. There would also be plenty for your eyes to feast on, locations in the basin so breathtakingly beautiful that they have been given names of places from the epic story of a hobbit who went on a journey to destroy the source of evil that threatened the freedom of all the races.

And why ever not? It would look as if you were really taking a walk through Middle Earth anyway.

Lake Brunner

For the fishing hobbyists, Lake Brunner will cater to your needs. Surrounded by the lush view of mountains and a clear blue sky, this lake is slowly becoming a popular stop for tourists who either want to enjoy some peace or those who want to showcase their trawling skills.

Hokitika Gorge

Hokitika Gorge is one of those places that look too good to be real. Some tourists who have taken photos of their visit there have had people tell it to their faces that the gorge could not have been real, that the pictures might have paid Photoshop a visit!

Luckily for human eyes all over the world, Hokitika exists. See it for yourself, then it’d be your turn to prove that the turquoise water is real.

Gates of Haast

Speaking of water, The Gates of Haast is the perfect destination for those who enjoy optical illusions as the Blue Pools Walk is a deep body of azure blue water so clear that the trout swimming in them look to be floating. You’re certain you’ll probably be saying “wow” all throughout your road trip.

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