5 Iconic New York Cafes

With a lively and youthful atmosphere and a plethora of attractions to suit all tastes and interests, it can be hard to sit still in the mighty New York. Take some time out and recharge your batteries ready for rounds two, three, and four in one of the cool, chic, and classy cafes that can be found all across the city. There are those that offer a truly modern vibe, those that offer a more retro air, arty cafes, those that are good for technology geeks, and everything else as well.

Five iconic New York cafes to look for are:

River Café

A well known spot in the Brooklyn area is the distinctive River Café. It was closed for over a year following the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, but it is now open again with even more attitude than before. Enjoy excellent river views as you bask in the gorgeous surroundings. Oak flooring adds a touch of decadence and sophistication, the furniture is modern, stylish, and comfortable, and there is a piano for live music. Let the sounds wash over you as you mix with the trendy New York set. The food is exquisite, with many great dishes to choose between – your only problem is likely to be making a final decision!

Caffe Reggio

This well-loved place has been in operation since the late 1920s, and is showing no signs of slowing. Many visitors are drawn in by the elegant and classical décor, with grand stained glass windows, magnificent oil paintings from the Renaissance period, and marvellous sculptures and statues. It is almost like taking a step back in time and to a completely different place; it is easy to imagine that you are in the heart of Italy in times gone by as you sip your delicious drinks. It is said that the espresso machine was the first in the USA, having been brought to the country directly from Italy!

Almondine Bakery

Known for its exquisite French pastries and treats, you can also find a great selection of favourite American sweets and deserts. It is a popular little joint, and one where it is easier to stay longer than planned, choosing between the multitude of tantalising goods on offer and relaxing with a drink.

P.J. Clarke’s

Another great café / bar that has stood the test of time is the much loved P.J. Clarke’s. A previous haunt of stars and starlets, it is famous for having been the place where Buddy Holly proposed to his then girlfriend. It has been pulling in the punters since the early 1900s, and is a top spot to visit when making your way around the city. Great food, great drinks, and a killer atmosphere have all helped to make the establishment what it is today.

Marie’s Crisis Café

Despite the name, this is a fabulous joint, a place for having fun with friends and enjoying the vibe. Songs from all your favourite Broadway shows are belted out every evening, accompanied by the cheery piano melodies. It is lively and youthful, and it is difficult today to remember that it was the place where Thomas Paine died back in the early 1800s. There’s an interesting plaque on the wall that is popular with tourists.

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