5 Great Things to Do With Kids in Monaco

Many people wouldn’t think of Monaco when planning a family holiday, but the small European principality has plenty of things to entertain both children and adults. Kids love adventure and having fun and there are certainly heaps of things to do with kids in Monaco to keep them entertained and amused on a family holiday or short break.

Here are some fun things to do with kids in Monaco:

Musee Oceanographique de Monaco

Home to some of the rarest creatures in the world, the excellent Musee Oceanographique de Monaco occupies a splendid hilltop location looking out over the sea. On the rock of Monaco, the oceanography museum is dedicated to preserving the history of the oceans for future generations to learn from and enjoy. As well as being able to ogle a fascinating array of sea creatures, kids can enjoy getting even closer to marine life at the touch pool. Plenty of curiosities, such as a whale skeleton and 200 year old diving gear, will appeal to inquisitive minds. A restaurant on the roof terrace is the perfect place to unwind and it also has a cool children’s play area.

Le Bois des Lutins

One of the world’s most original playgrounds, head deep into the woods and get back to nature and simple pleasures. Tree houses are connected by netted walls, with a series of slides and tunnels to find your way out. Filled with exciting features, such as inflatable toys, a gigantic hamster wheel, zip wires, underground troll caves, and unusual swings, Le Bois des Lutins offers hours of fun and giggles. The low-tech nature helps to foster a healthy sense of play amongst kids.

St. Martins Gardens and Lookout

The beautiful gardens are uniquely built so as to offer incredible views of the surrounding waters. The well-maintained and meticulously ordered garden is filled with interesting flora and fauna. Free admission makes it great if you are trying to keep costs at a minimum and your kids can have a great time exploring and playing.

Le Village de Fous

One of the zaniest parks around the world, the fun Le Village de Fous is filled with imaginative and creative rides. Even entering the wonderland is exciting – you must first navigate a large labyrinth. Not only do you need to actually find your way through the maze though – there are also various challenges to pass along the way. Once you have conquered the maze, you can finally enter the quirky village. It features great rides like pedal karts, flying bathtubs, water catapults, water slides, crazy mirrors, ropewalks in the tree tops, toboggans in giant tyres, and more! The only problem? Your kids may never want to leave!


Most kids love the seaside, right? So why not head to one of Monaco’s lovely beaches? Soft sands and clean waters ensure hours of fun for all. Just don’t forget the sunscreen! Whether you chill on one of the public beaches or pay to enjoy the exclusive feel of one of the private beaches, Monaco’s sandy shores won’t disappoint.

Have an awesome time discovering Monaco with your kids!

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