4 Highlights of the Beautiful St Barts

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Also known by its fuller name of St Barthelemy, St Barts is a stylish and beautiful Caribbean island. Part of France’s overseas territories, it is often seen as being an exclusive and high-class vacation spot for affluent holidaymakers. One of the most luxurious destinations in the Caribbean, many people dream of visiting St Barts.
If you do find yourself planning a trip, here are some highlights of St Barts to look forward to:

Going on a Shopping Bonanza

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St Barts is a duty-free island, meaning that you can pick up designer products for less. Whilst the high-class stores and big brands certainly aren’t cheap, they are cheaper than in other parts of the world. Treat yourself to a fancy new outfit or six in the opulent boutiques of the island’s capital of Gustavia, pick up some glittering gems, stock up on expensive fragrances, fill your boots with lavish chocolates, caviar, truffles, and other delicacies, find bargains on decadent alcoholic drinks, and more.

Exploring by Yacht

So, you’re enjoying a stay in one of the world’s most sought-after destinations, what better way could there be to have fun than to add to the luxury and charter a yacht? Head out onto the sparkling waters and see the island from a different perspective whilst enjoying plenty of onboard pampering. Gaze down into the shimmering clear waters and see an abundance of marine life darting past, trail your feet lazily in the warm waters, and be wowed by the stunning views of the island with its emerald-coloured interior and pale sandy beaches skirting the coast, lapped by pale blue waters. You can also feast your eyes on the luxury boats waiting in the marina. It’s a dazzling sight to behold! Sip on champagne, bask in the sunshine, and enjoy the gentle bobbing of the waves. Bliss!

Sunbathing on Out-of-this-World Beaches

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There’s a reason why St Bart’s beaches attract the rich and famous! Soft white sands and deliciously warm waters, along with amazing views, create a winning combination that just puts you right in the holiday mood. The island boasts a diverse assortment of gorgeous beaches, secluded coves, and arresting lagoons; everyone can find the perfect sunny playground!

Shell Beach is pretty novel, and you can collect the tiny shells that form the ground. Picturesque and relaxing, you can also get active with an array of watersports. It’s a great spot from which to watch the sun go down too. The wild Grand Fond and Anse des Cayes are good for surfing, Marigot Beach has grey sands, making it different to the other beaches on the island, St Jean Beach has plenty of restaurants to choose from, the quiet Colombier Beach is pretty romantic, and Corrossol is a top spot to see the traditional local fishing life. Take your pick and have a great day!

Being Pampered in a Spa

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As with many exclusive destinations in the world, heavenly spas are part and parcel of the St Bart’s experience. Feel all your tensions melting away as you enjoy a range of massages, get health and nutrition advice from professionals, feel a million dollars with a facial, nail treatment, or new hair style, and much, much more!
Great partying spots, wildlife-rich natural areas, awesome views, gourmet restaurants, and unbelievably posh hotels are a few more treats that wait for you in spectacular St Barts.

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