4 Cool Things to Do in Thailand’s Singburi

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Singburi is one of Thailand’s central provinces. It sees very few tourists, but is a perfect place if you want to get away from the tried-and-trodden tourist track and explore somewhere a bit different in the Land of Smiles. Often referred to as the Spiritual Heartland of the country, and voted several times by Thais as the happiest province in which to live, Singburi is easy to reach from the lively capital of Bangkok … though it certainly feels like a different world!

Solo travellers can take a bus from Morchit Bus Station or a minivan from Victory Monument; when you arrive at Singburi Bus Station there are several cheap hotels within a five-minute walk and the small provincial town is easy to navigate by foot. Plenty of motorbike taxis wait in the bus station, along with a handful of tuk tuks too.

The town’s main attractions are fairly close together, though jumping in a tuk tuk is the best way to easily tick a few attractions off your list in one go.

Here are some of the best things to enjoy in Singburi:

Wat Phra Non Jaksi

Image by: www.flickr.com/photos/lisartdesign

Another significant temple in Singburi is Wat Phra Non Jaksi. This one is famous for its long golden reclining Buddha image. There is an old wooden boat at the entrance. Take some time to explore the grounds and you might see some buffalos. You can also pick up some snacks and very cheap souvenirs in the small market.

Town Clock

Most of Thailand’s provincial towns have their own special clock, usually depicting something that the province is famous for. Singburi’s clock, in the heart of town, has a large fish on top of it, representative of the snake head fish that is a local delicacy. See the clock and then head to the area of Mae La to enjoy a meal of a fresh and locally caught fish.

Wat Pikun Thong

The lovely Wat Pikun Thong temple complex is most well-known for its large golden seated Buddha statue. It can be seen from far and wide as you approach the temple. The grounds are also filled with many other Buddha images, depicting the Lord Buddha in a variety of postures. Along with statues of revered monks, you may also be surprised to see quirky and whimsical figures of people and animals dotted on the grassy areas. You can buy a bag of fish food and feed the fish in the large pond. Just outside of the main temple complex is a colourful Hindu shrine dedicated to the elephant god, Ganesha.

Wat Sawang Arom

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Close to the ton centre, Wat Sawang Arom is a fairly non-descript temple, pretty similar to most regular working temples around the country. What makes this one different though is an onsite museum dedicated to shadow puppetry. You can marvel at many large and intricately carved pieces, used in traditional shadow puppet shows. Some are very old.

There are several other temples around the province, and the town has to beautiful swimming pools. Other places of interest in Singburi include Inburi Museum, the Bang Rachan Hero’s Monument, and the Mae Nam Noi Kilns.

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