3 Essentials For Your Winter 2020 Trip to the Alps!


Winter time is a great season to travel somewhere cold where you can get stuck in some snowy activities and warm cosy comforts. So take a look at ways in which you can satisfy your spirit of adventure in winter.

The cold weather and short daylight hours are some of the things that make winter a difficult season. Take time off and get away from the stagnation of the season. There are plenty of places to visit where you can enjoy good food and drinks, music, and beautiful scenery. They include the following.

Beautiful Holiday Homes for your family

There are some incredible luxury rental homes, which great for visiting with your family, pets or friends in winter. Some have baby monitors, Playstations, trampolines, and board games for children. While you can put your legs up by the fire or how about have a dip in a jacuzzi.

The amazing locations, first-class facilities, and luxury hand-picked chalets will guarantee you a fabulous experience. There are property experts who inspect all the properties against more than 190 criteria from balconies, hot tubs, and everything else.

Walks and Hikes

alps walk

You don’t have to hit the slopes. What about some scenic walks and hikes – a great way to get active in winter! There are plenty of walks including Cascade du Morel Walk, Croix de Colomban, and The Hameau des Alpes Loop. Croix de Colomban is a walk through forest trails with incredible views.

It is a great place to walk with your family. The level of difficulty is medium. It may take about 135 minutes to go up and 75 minutes descending the distance of 7.25km. After about 30 minutes, the path levels a little through the alpine pasture and forest. The pasture often has grazing cattle so you should consider keeping your dogs under control. After a short climb, your dogs can drink some water from the Bassin de Colomban.

Eat Out and enjoy the Nightlife

Go out and enjoy your favourite food and drink, from delicious cheeses to a glass of our favourite wine. Some popular places to eat include La Ferme de Lorette – Farm visits and cheese shop. The cheese farm below Plateau de Beauregard has a shop in Thones that allows you to buy cheese at all times of the year!

Le Sapaudia is a modern restaurant that makes some of the most amazing pizza in town. The hotel also serves salads, pasta, and risotto. Their desserts are amazing and the menu is varied. There are plenty of options for kids and vegetarians. Les Recettes de Rachel – Homemade meal deliveries – La Giettaz is another great restaurant.

There are plenty of activities to do in winter and with some fantastic group offers for you to take advantage of!

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