3 Cheap Ways to Keep In Touch Abroad

Gone are the days when airmail was the only way those staying abroad could communicate with loved ones. And, do you remember when you had to cut calls short due to sky-high costs? Well, modern technology has opened up a whole new world of staying in touch from anywhere across the globe.

Whether you are travelling, working, or studying abroad, you can stay in touch with people back home or even chat with travel buddies and new friends that you meet along the way without worrying about expensive phone bills. Here are some of the cheap ways to stay in touch abroad, especially this festive season when everyone wants to be close to loved ones:

Video Calling Apps

Video calling has actually become a mainstream means of communication. Luckily, internet connections are getting cheaper, plus you can also use free options like public Wi-Fi. Most of today’s chat apps include video chatting functionality. So, if you want to hang out with your loved ones face-to-face, here are some of the best yet cheap video calling apps to use:


Skype is one of the most popular go-to apps for video contact. Skype-to-Skype video calls are free anywhere, anytime. To feel more connected as a family, you can always use the group video calling feature for regular catch ups. This feature allows you to chat with up to 25 people at the same time.

Sometimes, time differences can make it hard to set up video calls; if so, use the massage video feature and remember to bring your conversations to life by expressing yourself with stickers, Mojis, and GIFs. Skype is cross-platform, which means you can access it on pretty much any device.


Make free Viber-to-Viber video calls and keep conversations going no matter where you are. Viber automatically encrypts video calls for security purposes. The app has stickers and GIFs, which allows you to express yourself in every possible way; and group chats, so you can contact friends, family or colleagues all in one place.

You also get to record quick-send video messages, capturing a special moment that you would love to share with loved ones. In addition, Viber has a cross-platform support.


Whatsapp lets you place free video calls so long as you have a strong internet connection. You can also initiate a group video call to communicate with your loved ones all at once.

The app has several multimedia features to help you share videos, images, documents, and much more. Whatsapp can be used on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. It also has an end-to-end encryption for privacy and security.

Messaging Apps

Text messaging is a great way to communicate with loved ones, especially when you are super busy or in an environment where you can’t talk. Plus, thanks to the group messaging capability, you no longer have to type out individual SMS messages for everyone. Some of the best messaging apps to use abroad include:

Facebook Messenger

Social media plays a vital role in today’s communication, especially among millennials. With the increasing popularity of easy-to-use messaging apps, Facebook decided to launch a separate messaging app that makes it convenient to chat with loved ones. Facebook messenger is a great way to keep in touch abroad considering Facebook’s ubiquity among young and older generations. Remember to manage your settings to prevent Facebook from sharing your data.

Mobile to Landline Apps

App-to-app calls or texts are great because they are free. However, there are several instances that will require you to make international phone calls, for instance when you are experiencing a slow internet connection, or your loved ones haven’t connected to the internet yet, or maybe you have older loved ones who don’t have access to smartphones or don’t know how to use the apps mentioned above. No matter the situation, there are several apps that allow you to make international calls at very affordable rates. They include:

Yolla app

International calls are free between Yolla app users. You also get to make ordinary calls to any mobile or landline worldwide at affordable rates. Yolla app has an easy-to-use, modern-looking interface and also lets you keep your number. What’s more, it has no hidden fees as you get to see the actual rates before calling. Another great feature is that the app lets you earn credits for inviting friends; plus, it doesn’t appear to be a battery hog either. International dialing has never been easier; so, get value for money with cheap international calls today.


Use the Nymgo app to make calls to any mobile or landline in the world without having to worry about the high costs of international bills or roaming charges. Some of the app’s key features include high-quality calls, sync your address book, rate finder, automatic switch between Wifi and 3G, and much more. The app’s layout is available in English, Arabic, French, and Turkish. Nymgo is, however, not to be used for dialing emergency services.


Rebtel allows you to make cheap international calls without the internet. And, what makes it stand out is the fact that you can make free international calls to other Rebtel users. This feature is, however, available in 56 countries. Rebtel calling app uses local numbers to complete calls. When both users have the app, they can be connected via a local call, which bypasses the costs of international calling.

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