north sumatra waterfall

Luxury Travel In North Sumatra

North Sumatra is an exotic and wonderful destination that lends itself perfectly to luxury travel. If you prefer the finer things in life and want to experience only the best, there are many stunning hotels, private tours and fine restaurants that will make your trip one to remember for a lifetime. If you want a […]

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Great Things to do in Oklahoma

Both the name of a US state and the state capital (and, a musical!), Oklahoma has a long and interesting Native American history. Indeed, the name comes from words from the language used by the Choctaw people; okla and humma, which, when put together, mean “red people”. Now a burgeoning tourist city, there are plenty […]

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italian sunset

5 Must-see Places on the Island of Elba!

Shaped in a form of a shoe, the island of Elba in Italy really makes you want to move! This little Tuscan Archipelago is a hidden gem in the well travelled Mediterranean sea. Thanks to its geographic conformation it is suitable for many activities: trekking, scuba diving, snorkelling. Many people each year go exploring on […]

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Palermo beach sicily

5 Essential Places To Visit in Sicily!

Even though it’s a tough decision, I’ve chosen my 5 favourite and essential places to visit in Sicily! The list should have been much longer, because this beautiful island is packed with wonderful places to visit. But if you are planning your first visit to Sicily, hopefully my list will help you find the things […]

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